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Start Here: Colombia Calling.

Essay Itinerary: I. La paz no es solo el silencio de los fusiles.  May 31, 2013: Bogotá. The delegation receives a crash course on Colombia. II. Acompañar.  May 31: Bogotá.  Learning about the CEDECOL Peace Commission, accompaniment, and El Garzal. III. The road to El Garzal.  June 1: Magdalena Medio; Vijagual.  Traveling towards El Garzal…

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Updates on El Guayabo, El Garzal, and C.O. Jhonatan Vargas.

“Colombia calling: land of egrets, guava trees, and big hair!” Click link above for an in-depth account of the Justapaz and CEDECOL Peace Commission accompaniment delegation into the Magdalena Medio region this past weekend, with a stop in El Garzal and a bonus update on conscientious objector Jhonatan Vargas–and an “after” picture worth a thousand words.…

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This is our call: an urgent request from Colombia

What if an overseas community in crisis asked you for something you could actually provide — in abundance — with the help of your partners on the ground? Thirteen months ago, a delegation from the Connecticut and Central Atlantic Conferences of the United Church of Christ joined our Colombia partner organizations of Justapaz and the CECECOL…

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Days of Prayer and Action in Colombia

Originally posted on Latin American Advocacy Blog: Photo by Cellia Vasquez Español By Anna Vogt, a service worker in MCC Colombia currently working with Justapaz, a Mennonite organization working for justice, peace and non-violent action in Colombia. Originally posted at: Every day at five am in the small rural community of Basurú, on Colombia’s Pacific Coast, a group from the local Mennonite church gathers to broadcast the events of the day. Using a microphone connected to megaphones hoisted high above the community on bamboo poles, the technology may be archaic but the messages are not. The only way to reach the community is by boat on the San Juan river; access to…

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El Guayabo Celebrates!

Originally posted on prayer. resistance. community.: The small Colombian community of El Guayabo, supported by neighboring communities, resisted an eviction on Tuesday, November 19th, that Police Inspector Leonel Gutierrez Lagares ordered, which had it succeeded would have displaced the community’s teacher from land that has served as his livelihood for the past 25 years. The…

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"Tensions Overplayed in Colombia’s Peace Process?"

Tensions Overplayed in Colombia’s Peace Process? A finer-grained (and English-language) update on what’s going on Havana right now in the negotiations between the Colombian government and FARC—and the latest news on civil society participation: representatives from peace-invested NGOs, including Justapaz, will speak at this morning’s public hearings scheduled at Colombia’s Congress.

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[Soacha] THE FAMILIES OF COLOMBIA’S ‘FALSE POSITIVE’ VICTIMS ARE STILL FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE [link:]: “The authorities explained that Fair Leonardo had been shot in combat with the army. They said he had been trying to solicit money from people in Ocaña for protection. “He has learning difficulties,” [Fair’s mother] says, “he can’t understand the…

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