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Essay Itinerary:

Start Here:    Who, what, where, why—and what next.

I.    May 31, 2013: The delegation receives a crash course history and sociopolitical primer.

II.   May 31: Learning about the CEDECOL Peace Commission, accompaniment, and El Garzal at Justapaz and MENCOLDES.

III.   June 1: The delegation travels through the Magdalena Medio towards El Garzal, and meets Pastor Salvador; human rights violations documented against him and the village.

IV.    June 1-2: We arrive in El Garzal, worship with the Foursquare Church—and then must accompany Pastor Salvador out with us.  Explanation of the threat to Colombian Protestant churches and leaders.

V:    June 5: Soacha.  We witness the aftermath of forced displacements, and the response of CEDECOL Peace Commission affiliates.

VI:    June 3; 7: Barrancabermeja; Bogotá.  A look at where paramilitaries come from, U.S. involvement, and the call from Colombia.

VII:    May 15 to the present: A personal reflection in three parts on accompanying, remembering, and (re)finding Colombia; stories from the entire trip.

Epilogue:    A Colombian last word.