From the CPT Colombia team–with a wonderful music performance video from the Foursquare Church in El Garzal (lyrics translated in post below).

prayer. resistance. community.

Comunidad Garzal and Nueva Esperanza

In my great misery the Lord found me, reached down in the mud and rescued me.

He has seated me with kings and has let me rest.

He told me that he loved me and restored me, slowly gave me what the world could never give.

It is true that I am old but my hope stands firm,

As I move from church to church, writing verses of the Word

Just as before, I sing and sing,

Brining songs that fill my soul with joy,

Giving all my praise to Jesus Christ.

He is the owner of my life, He is the owner of my soul.

I owe him what I have and also what I lack, I want to always praise His name.

Lord of heaven thank you for letting me be me, you gave me what the world could not and answered my…

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