We met a delegation of campesinos from El Guayabo in our meeting at El Garzal, and CPT has  just reported on a wonderful update on that community’s land ownership struggles (see link above).    Related images from my photo essay about our accompaniment visit (click for full chapter context):

El Guayabo Colombia



prayer. resistance. community.


The small Colombian community of El Guayabo, supported by neighboring communities, resisted an eviction on Tuesday, November 19th, that Police Inspector Leonel Gutierrez Lagares ordered, which had it succeeded would have displaced the community’s teacher from land that has served as his livelihood for the past 25 years.

The November 19th eviction order is the third in a series of attempts to evict the El Guayabo community from the contested land on claims that the community belongs to the guerilla movement. Regional courts postponed the first two eviction orders that occurred in October, hours after the community filed injunctions.

The community celebrated with tears of joy as the police decided not carry through with the eviction because large numbers of community members were present, including families with children, and a cadre of community lawyers. However, El Guayabo remains quite anxious about the possible intervention of illegal armed actors. A community…

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