Wonderful news from Havana, and Bogotá, on the latest agreement reached between the Colombian government and FARC, this time with regards to expanding political participation in a post-civil war Colombia. Links to other English language resources within.

A particularly interesting detail: Minister of Defense Juan Carlos Pinzón, who has maintained that a military solution is preferable to the negotiation process, has declared this latest agreement a military victory. This kind of face-saving maneuvering is indeed a hopeful sign.


November 7, 2013

The city is abuzz with talk about the new accord on political participation reached by Colombian government and FARC-EP negotiators in Havana at the close of the sixteenth round of talks on Wednesday, November 6th.  (For the Spanish-language version of the communique, click here.  An English version isn’t available yet, but an overview can be found in my post in “The Olive Branch” and in Juan Forero’s piece in the Washington Post.)

The mood here in Bogota is as close to euphoric as I have seen.  All of the political parties except that of ex-President Uribe have backed the accord enthusiastically.  The talks “can’t be interrupted or stopped when results are seen,” announced President Santos. (“No se puede romper o parar cuando se ven resultados.”)  The general sense is that this agreement, like that on rural agrarian reforms reached last May, goes far…

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